Healthy 2 Ingredient Slow Cooker Apple Butter

This Healthy 2 Ingredient Slow Cooker Apple Butter is an easy fall recipe made with only apples and cinnamon, and no sugar! Perfect as a dip or spread!


  • Enough apples to fill your crock-pot or slow-cooker . Use any variety you like. I've used a combination of all different doesn't seem to matter and it always tastes amazing. I filled a 5- crock-pot
  • 2-3 tsp ground cinnamon


  1. Start by washing your apples in a sink full of cold water. You'll be leaving the peels on, so make sure each apple is nice and clean.
  2. Dry the apples on some kitchen towels and core them, cutting them in halves or quarters. If your apples are quite large, cut in quarters. Because my apples were hand-picked they had a few had bruises, but in a recipe like this that doesn't matter too much. Don't bother peeling them: this adds to the nutrition factor of this recipe (leaving the peels on adds great fiber and saves you a ton of time).
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